Thursday, October 20, 2011

Squish Squash Sandwich

First, a public service announcement:
It's almost the end of the Men Quilt Too! competition on Pigtales and Quilts...Thanks to everyone who has voted. I'm biting my nails wondering if I'm in the top 4, the prize positions! I just hope I get a respectable number of votes and don't finish last ;) If you've voted you can rest assured, I won't be sending the hitmen round to help you remember to cast your last minute vote :)

Voting closes on the 22nd so if you haven't voted yet, just send your email saying "I'm voting for 14. Owls All Around!" to ... and a huge thank you to Thearica for putting on such a great show and exposing us male quilts to the world :)

OK, onwards and upwards... there's rainy clouds in the sky... well, rainy fabrics! The rainy day quilt is progressing well. I did several more squares whilst listening to Quilter in the Gap's latest podcast. If you haven't listened to the previous one which interviewed me, do go check it out, it's number 13, and the new number 14 is full of more Rhonda quirkiness and enjoyable ramblings about quilting and life.

It's sew night again tomorrow, so I'll be hopping on the bus and taking my bag of quilt tricks to do a couple of hours quilting after work. I'm going to concentrate on the charity squares since I haven't made a start on that multi-colorod assortment of fabrics yet! I'll post photos this weekend of the fabrics I'm working with.

In other news... I managed to thread my first needle tonight! Well not my first ever, but first since I became blind. I'm using the neat needles with tiny hooks at the top and which divert the thread into the eye of the needle. I'm very happy about this, it feels like a new kind of freedom!

On to the subject of today's post... bye bye Jeep. It became a squished sandwich between a car which stopped with warning and a big Chevvy truck which totally failed to do the same. So it's a write off :( I wasn't on board, and luckily Michelle and Tazzie dog are both ok... aching from the whiplash, but no serious injuries. Keep your fingers crossed that the insurance decide the value of the Jeep is a respectable amount else we will be struggling to afford anything that will work in the big snow we get up here... I suspect it will be a couple of thousand dollars short of what we really need... life sucks sometimes :(

And final news... I've got my appointment next week to have the catheter put in to my stomach ready for dialysis in the near future. I have the surgery on Thursday, full aneasthetic, but if all goes well I should be discharged by lunchtime... You all know me, I'm not very good with doctors, needles etc, so wish me luck because I'll need it! :)

So that's it, all my current news... now go vote if you still haven't done so! ;)


  1. Good luck with the quilt competition, the insurance decision and the surgery! The needles sound fabulous - I met a lady today who could do with some of them, wonder if they're available over here? Hope you have a fabulous time at quilt group!

  2. Good grief! I've never known someone to have such bad luck with cars! So glad Chelle and Taz are ok!

    Good luck for the surgery! Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!

    Hope the quilting group is good tonight and you aren't mobbed too much by all the lovely ladies!

    Congratulations on threading the needle! So proud! Well done! xx

  3. yes, that Jeep had more than its share of bad luck! The mechanic who did most of the repairs said, when we asked if we could hire him to check any car we think about buying, that if we can stop by on a test drive that he'd look over it for free... he didn't want us to wind up with another vehicle that the problems that Jeep had!!

    Quilt club was good tonight. I did several of the squares for the charity quilt. Those self-threading needles... well, they're a great idea and certainly work for the threading part... however, the actual sewing with them is a right royal pain in the arse! The sharp ends are very blunt to start with, and then the little hook which helps get the thread through the eye, well that snags in the fabric, so it's not fun doing the sewing!

    Archie, if you don't spot any and your friend wants to try them, I can certainly send a pack over... she can make up her own mind about them. I also have another device that is supposed to thread the needles, so I'll report on that when I find it and work out how to use it!

    Hope you both have a nice weekend with lots of sewing :)

  4. Giles, not big on the luck thing but I will def be in prayer for you during your surgery. I have faith you will be fine and well behaved!! I can't wait to see pictures of what you are working on. Would you mind telling me more about those needles you are talking about?

  5. Wow, that kind of sandwich! I'm glad no one was seriously hurt, at least in your car! Now I must read on to see how the insurance turned out.