Friday, October 14, 2011

Hot Stuff! Everyone wants a bit of the male quilters!

If you've been following Men Quilt Too! competition page, you'll no doubt notice the ever-increasing link list of blogs by male quilters. It's tremendous how male quilters are out there quilting and doing some great quilty things!

At a local quilt show in Elma, NY the Carriage Quilt Company stall owner was telling me about a quilt club in Canada that is in fact men-only and has a large membership - maybe 400, though I may be making that number up!

And now I saw a link to this on Ye Olde Twitterphone... there is more info on their web page but it says not to copy it without permission, so I'm just quoting the bare essentials:

"Bengal Tiger," a fabric piece by Rob Appell, owner of The Cotton Ball quilt shop in Morro Bay, is part of the "Men Quilting!" exhibit at the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula.
Guys demonstrate their skills with needle and fabric in the "Men Quilting! Quilts Made by Men" exhibit at the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula, on display Sunday through Feb. 5.

The 13th annual Heritage Valley Festival of Quilts exhibit will showcase the creations of male quilters from Ventura County, Los Angeles and Morro Bay.

read the full story here

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And don't forget to vote (if you haven't already) ... voting is open until October 22 in Men Quilt Too! and there are more men linking up their blogs / websites every day.

Seems like men are hot stuff in the world of quilting at the mo... heh, remind me not to take myself too seriously (like there's any chance of that! happening, I mean, c'mon ;) )


  1. I've run into a few guy quilters, but not many. I'm amazed at how many have been added, and a group of 400 in

  2. don't under or over estimate the accuracy of that 400 figure... but as they say, 99% of all statistics are made up... one of my favorite quotes that one :)

  3. awww glad you're feeling a little less like the only one!

  4. So glad there are more men quilting - not sure how many there are in the UK though!

  5. lol Sarah, you can be sure I'm the only one of me! (luckily for the world!)

    Archie, well I'm an ex-UK quilter ... and there was a ex-welder from my old kneck of the woods (South Wales) that was in the local papers because he took up quilting after having a stroke... you can google something like South Wales quilt club if you want to read more!

  6. Nothing to do with quilting, but my dad (a big burly miner) used to crochet, he would push it under the sofa if anyone visited lol...he made me some lovely patchwork waistcoats when I was in my teens, infact that may be when I first fell in love with patchwork.

  7. I remember when they were few and far between - men quilters, that is. It's great to see it spreading!