Wednesday, October 12, 2011


On Monday I had my second iron injection and I've been so full of energy I've been zipping around, haven't slept a wink, pins and needles jump out of the pin cushions as I pass and stick themselves to my arms.....

erm, or not! I can't explain it but I've been shattered this week! I get home from work and promptly take a nap before dinner! weird... where's the extra energy boost?! maybe we'll give it a week and let it catch up with me.

Don't forget, anybody who hasn't cast their vote in the Men Quilt Too! competition, hop along and send Thearica an email with the name and number of your favorite quilt... that'd be number 14, Owls All Around ... there's a lot of cute little owlies on that quilt and they all need a vote, so tell everyone you know to adopt an owl! ... if you vote I'll even tell you which owl is yours when the competition closes!

... and there have been several more male bloggers linking up on the blog listing too, so go check out their blogs... seriously, there are some really talented guys there and some have been quilting for a long time and have some fresh ideas about quilting :)

In other news I tuned in for the #TALKNT chat on Twitter last night. This is a 2-hour chat about all things quilty and sewingy, and frankly it moves at one heck of a pace! I struggled to keep up - even setting the speed of my screen reader (which is called Jaws, so I'm going to start calling it that because it's so much shorter than "my screen reading software") up a couple of notches to the "motormouth" level, even then I was mostly 5 minutes behind the latest tweet!

I enjoyed the conversation and threw in a couple of comments. However, does anybody else do the TALKNT chat? I visited the blog page about it but couldn't find the "Add" button anywhere to show that I was participating... I think that's how you get entered in the sessions giveaways... the night seems to be often sponsored by the great Fat Quarter Shop :)

... if anybody has any insights as where I'd find the add button so I can appear on the list of chatters, please please please point me in that direction!

I think I'm going to turn some of my attention to the charity quilt block I've said I'd do. Watch out for some pics of the fabrics for that, and also some progress shots of the Rainy Day quilt which is becoming a neat little stack on my desk as I sew squares whilst listening to the likes of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Coco Before Chanel ...


  1. How is that Coco Before Channel? I have been wondering that. I have adopted an owl (of course)! I sure wish you were feeling better. Have you researched how long it takes to get in your system? What did your "supplier" say?

  2. lol, "the dealer" said maybe 3 to 4 days after this injection... she didn't say "next time you'll feel like a million dollars... just keep coming back and buying more"... maybe this one was a trainee dealer... I think I forgot to say that if she'd been alive back in the coal mining days of northern England she could have helped dig the tunnels... haha, well maybe it wasn't that bad but it did take a while for her to get the IV into a vein!

    Competition voting is open until the 22nd I think, so results are expected sometime thereafter... I'm very nervous! ;)

  3. ooops, it was my mum who asked about the voting (on my FB) so ignore that last bit!

    And I forgot to say about Coco Before Chanel... it was ok, just a typical romance type film, because it was all about before she became a designer there wasn't a hack of a lot off interest regarding the sewing / designing. I believe La Vie En Rose is much better (as recommended by Magpie Mimi), but it's not in the huge selection of films that I can download the audio track (no visuals) with a voice over descriptive commentry... and because it's subtitled I'd need that voice over! ah well :)

  4. Good luck with the competition (I'd like to pick my own owl if that's OK?!) and I hope your energy levels pick up soon.

  5. There is an add link button on the bottom of the list of people's link. It is small, if you need me to add you next Tuesday just let me know. I can always do it for you.

  6. Thanks Cara, I'll try to find the link but well call on your assistance!

    I definitely think everybody should name their owl! :)

  7. I loved the owl naming idea. You are a funny man.

    Off to bed for me. Tomorrow is also a day.