Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snip Snip

Well here's a story of sharp objects! Today I got a nice snazzy haircut after work. I'm a big fan of haircuts at salons... I know most men don't pay $35 and up and visit a salon for their hair cuts... but I had long hair for 14 years back in my uni days, and when i took the plunge and got it severed, I went to a nice posh place, Ken Picton's in Cardiff Bay and I've never looked back!

In Atlanta I frequented Oh La La in Decatur and here in Rochester I've found Michael Avery hair salon, and I've liked them all!

Here's the results of tonight's attack of the scissors...

photo of me with a slightly spikey new haircut

So what happens now? Well I'm going to have a nice long hot bath in case it is my last one for a while... I go for surgery tomorrow so they can instal a catheter which I will use for dialysis in the near future. They tell me "no baths" ... which I'm not quite ready to take litterally yet... me, being me, thinks there might be some work arounds, like using anti-bacterial Fairy Liquid (dish soap) instead of bubble bath, even if it only works if I don't tell them!

... and after that long hot bath, which can't really be too long because it's 9pm and I have to be at the hospital at 6:15 ... so I have to draw a line on my stomach / waist where my belt goes, and then they'll probably put the catheter just above it. It'll take 2 weeks to heal and then I'll be able to start using it whenever I need to start dialysis... I'm tempted to draw a little pair of scissors at the start of the marked belt line, though I'm a little worried they might take it seriously and just amputate my whole torso by mistake!

... I've just supped a cup of tea ... I think there's time for a couple more cups before bed. And I also just polished off a rather tasty lemon meringue pie - well if it all goes wrong... well what if they forget what they're doing and sew up my stomach? I'd want my last food to be something yummy!!


  1. Giles, you crack me up. I love your humor in the face of worries. Good luck on your surgery. Here's to surgeons who are on the ball, nurses and techs who truly care, and fast healing!!

    P.S. The haircut really looks great.

  2. Hope everything goes to plan - no taking sneaky baths, you will grow to love the shower instead I am sure.

  3. Behave yourself and do what the doctors tell you and I'm sure you will be fine ;-) Not sure I'd draw on the scissors either, goin into surgery and all... dont want to confuse 'em! Hope everything goes well, take it easy :-)

  4. Behave yourself and follow orders! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery - great haircut by the way!

  5. You are so funny! I know you were probably covering a little nervousness - do you get funnier as you get more nervous? Yeah, I'd hate never to be able to take a bath again! Couldn't you at least wrap plastic wrap around a few times and tie a pretty bow?