Saturday, June 25, 2011

ReadingBetween the (Phone) Lines

It was my birthday a week-or-sew ago and I got a nice card from everyone at work, along with a $5 gift certificate for the Goodwill stores (a great source of bargain clothes!) ... and then I got asked to work the 1 to 10pm shift on Fridays... maybe the card was just to butter me up, what do you think?

Anyway, the phone lines are really quiet after 6pm on a Friday, which means I get eechance to listen to books! I read 106 pages of The Thoughtful Dresser: The Art of Adornment, the Pleasures of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter by Linda Grant ... it's a good read, giving a little history of fashion luminaries like Chanel and Dior, and the reflections of ordinary people from World War 2 onwards.

Next week I shall take my quilting with me and make some inroads into resuming where I left off a couple of months ago!

I've also just finished reading  House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival (by Deborah Ball), which was also a good read, with lots of insight into the Versace family and the world of fashion! ... I believe there's a similar book about Gucci which I will read very soon!
And back in the world of bargains... my Versace shaving balm arrived yesterday and is pretty good! It's quite intense, but in a leafy woodland kind of scent which I like. I do prefer the more no-need-to-shout-about-it (on-your-face not in-your-face) refinement of my Hanae Mori balm, but the Versace is a nice contrast!
What fragrances are you all wearing this summer?
Oh yes, I'm also dipping into the book Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


well, it's been a while since I had any quilting news! Unfortunately I haven't much to add! Though I did find out there's a quilting club less than a mile down the road... it seems they meet mid-week in the daytime, so not likely I'll be able to make the meetings, but maybe I can attend some of the other events they do - it seems quite an active club! ... it's not like I can even suggest an after-work meeting since my hours are till 7pm, so it's too late to fit anything productive in by the time I've had dinner! ah well, I'm still glad to have a job again :) ... I'll just have to motivate myself on the quilting :)

Since the last photo update I've grabbed some more bargains! Yesterday we went to the Goodwill store near work and I found a nice yellow Perry Ellis shirt for $4. Today we went to the new Goodwill boutique, Blue, which specializes in "high end" items, and I finally found a pair of shoes in my size - a pair of brown Ralph Lauren ones for $15 - and a Pierre Cardin new belt for only $7.

The Goodwill stores in Rochester are part of the organization I work for, and all the items are donated, so it's a great way to get some real bargains and help fund raise!

On a less charitable bargain hunt, here's some of my recent eBay finds... a pair of Levis 501s for $13 including postage, and a new Versace jumper for $30... the jumper was a good bargain because it was $65 when I first saw it, but when I looked again a few days later it was half price, so I grabbed it! :) ... its retail price was $260 so I was very happy with my purchase!!

With a bit of luck here are the pictures... if Blogger lets me upload them with my screen reading software...

Photo of me wearing my bargain Levis 501 jeans and Versace jumper

Photo of Versace logo

Photo of Levis 501 logo