Sunday, June 24, 2012

Table Preservation

Well I'm long overdue a sewing post, so I feel a small hurrah is in order ... not exactly sewing per se, but at least a step in the right direction! Suddenly struck by the realisation I better get started cutting up fabric if I'm going to have even the remotest chance of entering the Men Quilt Too competition this year, I remembered that I left my nice large cutting mat back in America because even though I got mum and dad to bring their largest suitcase, there just wasn't any way it would quite fit the dimensions of said suitcase! So into Abergavenny I trotted and visited the new wool shop which also has a small selection of fabrics and general crafty paraphernalia ... There was nothing on display but when I asked, as if by magic, a pair of cutting boards were produced from the back of the store! So now I have a nice self-healing cutting mat of the same dimensions as the one I left behind ... 36 inches or something like that! It's not one of those snazzy ones I've heard some of you guys drooling about, the ones that sharpen your rotary cutter as you chop your fabric, but I can't grumble at short notice! So my tasks for next week are to go through my stash and the pattern I'm doing and work out what I've got and what colours and patterned prints I still need, and then maybe I can go do some additional fabric shopping and get started on the quilt top! PS I haven't found my camera battery recharger since I've been back, which makes me think it didn't come back with me, so that's why my posts have been devoid of pictorial content lately! I'll see what I can do about that!