Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elma Quilt Show

First of all, thanks to everybody who has already voted in the Men Quilt Too! competition, and a double thank you if you've been telling people about the show... and a triple thank you if you ask your friends to vote for my quilt ;)

Next, a big hello to all the new followers who have found my blog through the competition! I am in the process of trying to follow you all back, but Blogger is far from friendly to my screen reading software and it can be very difficult for me to actually find out what your blogs are! Sometimes it'll let me go to your profile page, but more often than not it won't, so I'm just left with your posting name and no way to get to your blog! .... grrrr to Blogger!! .... I'll get there in the end though!

Yesterday Michelle and I went to a local quilt show in Elma, NY, somewhere on the road to Buffalo. It was really well attended, with lots of quilts being exhibited. The preference certainly seemed to be for triangles - there were many examples of triangular and diamond patterns... very few circles or hexagons!

The day certainly started well - there were door prizes and I picked up a fat quarter size of a velvety / fleece type fabric of a purple color along with a selection of 8-or-so hand colored threads, and everyone was able to take a small Christmas tree ornament, so I picked up a red one with a teapot on!

Then I went shopping! First stall was Carriage Quilt Shoppe, and I had a nice chat with the owner. I picked 5 fat quarters since it was buy 5 and get 1 free... and then on hearing about my quilt and the Men Quilt Too! competition she let me choose another fat quarter for my next project! ... and when I gave her the link to my blog so she could go see my quilt, she said she will print a copy and display it in the shop! how awesome is that?!

I have a vague idea that the fabrics I got might go with the selection of black and white fabrics that Thearice of Pigtales and Quilts sent me when I won a giveaway on her blog! The one on top of the left-hand pile is the extra free one I chose! ... the green batique (if that's how you spell it) might come in handy for the quilt flowers I have in my future projects queue!

photo of my fabrics, the stack from Carriage Quilt Shoppe is on the left, a mix of blues and purples mainly, and a green fabric, one with images of dump trucks on it, and another with dogs are on the right

I had a nice bowl of French onion soup and some cheesy bacon fries on the way home, but when we stopped to pick up a coffee I couldn't resist challenging myself to beat this Mile High Cheesecake too! mmmmmmmmm, I won!

photo of a very large slab of cheesecake, topped with some berries and custard sauce!

I also brought home a tasty rice krispie treat with chunks of minty Orea cookie in it... I'd show you a photo of that too, but nomnomnom it's gone! that was breakfast ;)


  1. Mmmm my kind of breakfast!! Sounds like you've had a great day at the quilt show :-) Nice to see you're building up a stash there ;-)

  2. You're such a lucky little thing this weekend aren't you?! hehe! Really glad we both had fun and freebies at fairs this weekend!

    Pictures of the teapot Christmas decoration please!

    Oh and thanks for the triple thank you! hehe! ;)

    And if you have another mile high cheesecake, save some for the rest of us, eh?

  3. Good luck to you! I just found you from the men can quilt show and you are such an inspiration! When you find the time I would love it if you followed me back :)

  4. What a great day! Fab fabrics the batiks (it's a Malay word and if you want to sound pretentious and pronounce it properly, emphasis on first syllable - BAH like a sheep but shorter - and then tick but don't quite let the k out) are lovely and the browns will go well with the doggy print :).

  5. Ps you should have asked her to sponsor a giveaway! Next follower milestone? :)

  6. Hi Giles, just found you via Sarah )Narcoleptic in a Cupboard)- what a brill achievement in completing your first quilt!
    Can't seem to find your followers list but expect that'll be Blogger again....adding you to my bloglist.
    Hope you will visit me at
    PS Feel like I have gained a couple of pounds justlooking at the cheescake pic....

  7. Look at that cheesecake!! Was it as nice as it looked?! I've been sent by Sarah (Narcoleptic in a cupboard) and I'm so glad I obeyed! Well done on the owl quilt - I hope it wins the competition! If you fancy popping in I'm at but don't worry if you don't have time!

  8. Hi Giles - just popped over from Sarah's blog to say hello, and big hi 5 for being a guy who quilts! I'll be voting for you! Keep going! Jxo

  9. LOL, I think you were hungry when you wrote this blog post! That cheesecake is awesome looking! You have some nice FQs there, and I'm wondering how long that idea queue is getting now!