Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Just because the best tailoring you've ever seen is above your f***king appendix doesn't mean anything!"

So I made it to the hospital in time for my 6:15am check-in. By 8:30 I was ready and waiting to be wheeled back into the OR. 5 minutes later it was sleepy time and then 2 hours later I was awake. I got a $50 discount because when I told them I was a quilter they let me sew myself up, so I used a bit of free motion quilting and hopefully the stitches will hold ... ;)

Unlike the last surgery I had (on my left eye in Atlanta) where my blood pressure esclated into the 200s after the anaesthetic wore off and it took me maybe 5 hours to get through recovery... here I warned everybody who would listen that my BP might do that and so they were able to control it and I was out and home by 2pm! :)

Boy am I sore now! Well I'm not in any great pain, but the area of my stomach feels it whenever I inadvertently stretch it... my throat is sore from the breathing tube, and oddly my shoulder blades ache something chronic! I wish I'd booked tomorrow off work, but I thought this would be a bit quicker and easier procedure... and plus I really need to keep hold of my meager days off because I'm sure I'll have a need for them when I need training for dialysis and goodness knows whatever else!

... I might call in sick though tomorrow if I'm really sore in the morning. We shall see. I've had a handful of sick days in 10 years of working, so it's not something I like doing, but if I'm aching too much I will do!

In other news the loss adjuster adjusterised the Jeep... and despite my fears of what value the insurance company would use, they didn't use the low trade-in value, and they didn't use the middle value price a private seller would charge... they took the mid-point between the private seller and the dealer price, which is a huge relief! That means we've about $5000 to look for a replacement vehicle with, about the same value as what we paid for the Jeep. There seem to be a choice of the same model we had, a slightly smaller model, or possibly some some 2-wheel drive options... most are year 2000 with around 140,000 miles, about the same as the old Jeep... but there's a 2003 with slightly higher mileage, and similar permutation!

We have a week to find something and then the insurance company stop paying for the rental car. If we can find something local our nice mechanic will give it a quick inspection gratis if we can stop by on a test drive... very kind indeed (though I'm sure a vehicle of that age and miles will be headed to him for attention at some points of its time with us haha!)

BTW, the quote is from the film "Withnail & I".

Righty ho, that's it. Thank you all for your kind wishes for the surgery.Send me some ache-relieving vibes if you get a moment :)


  1. Dear Lord, I ask that you relieve Giles' pain right now. You are the ultimate healer and I know you care for him and his well being. Please have Your way in his life. Touch him right now Lord. Thank you Lord.

    How is that for some well wishing my friend. I know you will be well enough for work tomorrow if that is what you want. BTW I love the new hair cut!!!

    Have you gotten your prize yet?

  2. Hey there! Hope you feel better in the morning so you can work alright. Great news about the jeep valuation. :)

  3. I was shocked at your language young Giles! And then I realised it's Withnail and I and I let you off! hehe!

    I'd guess the shoulder blades aching is just them coming out in sympathy!

    That's a relief with the news on the car too! Take it easy, at least it's Friday if you do struggle into work, have a Crunchie! hehe!

  4. Reckon a sickie would be more than understandable. Have a relaxing weekend.

  5. Really think you should be off tomorrow - it takes a while to recover from an anaesthetic and if you do too much too soon you risk feeling awful...take it easy!

  6. LOL loved the quote :-) Glad you're not feelin tooooo bad. Did sound a bit hairy. Rest up well. And no wieldin a needle til you're sure the anaesthetic is worn off...

  7. that quote... loved it. hope you are feeling spry now giles.

  8. I hope you were able to get something good. I wouldn't worry about that kind of mileage much on a VW or Audi, but in spite of having been a Jeep owner at least twice, and loving them, I would hope you found something with a little lower mileage. It's really a pain to live on a budget, isn't it? =P