Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quilty Hilfblogger

Around mid day I ventured onto the sewing machine for the first time! The big question, as was right back in blog post number 1, was: can I sew a straight line?

Armed with the spare row of quilt squares I attempted to sew in the ditch, that is positioning the machine needle in the little groove where the hems of two squares join.

And I'm delighted to say I could keep my fabric lined up, by resting my finger at the edge of the sewing machine foot and using my finger to line up the hem line with the gap in the center of the quilting foot.

I admit I had help to keep the large bulk of the quilt straight and not bunching up while I fed it through, but overall I am very happy with how much I was able to do!

Here's a photo of me (in my Quilty Hilfblogger jumper... what you can't see if my legs under the table, one sock on, one sock off because the sewing machine pedal doesn't run away from me so much if I don't have a sock on that foot!)... you'll also note I found sitting side-on to be helpful. That enabled me to feed the fabric through, or rather pull the fabric through with my left hand, while using my right hand to feel that the fabric was lined up... it was difficult to do that and push the fabric through while sitting directly in front of the machine.

As with everything when you can't see, it's a question of adapting until you find a way that works for you! I'm really glad that there is a way that works for me to use a sewing machine... I'll probably stick to hand-sewing my quilt tops because I enjoy doing that, and then use the machine for all the assembly stages.

let me stop rambling, here's the photo!
photo of me in my Tommy Hilfiger jumper, sat side-on at the sewing machine with my quilting in progress.

So now I'm just waiting for my 2-inch bias tape maker to come from Joanne's mail order... it turned out that what I bought before was the tip for one of the electric machines and not the nice little manual bias tape makers, so I'll crack on with quilt 2 while I wait for the postman :)


  1. I can't wait to see it all finished. I can see where sitting on the side of the machine would make it easier. I am curious if you have considered free motion quilting. If you use a hoop (which would keep you from hurting yourself) and no real "design" in mind but instead a sort of meander you might be quite successful. Just something to think about. With this type there is no real control needed except maintaining a certain speed. Maybe you should consider a class once you are more comfortable with the machine. Or if you live close to someone who has a little experience maybe they can help get you started.

  2. Well now, aint you something. I'm very impressed.

  3. Yay! So good to see you just getting stuck in to the quilting! I can totally see how sitting side on would make sense, clever thinkin :-) Now you remember to watch your fingers when you set to the bias making... lol

  4. What a good idea to sit side-on. I imagine that might be much easier on the shoulders.

  5. Seems like the quilt will be finished by winter! You're an inspiration. I am going to go home and finish my 4 year old's baby quilt :)

  6. Hehe! Love your jumper rename!

    The quilt looks all lovely and snuggly! I'm always impressed by your ingenious way of finding ways of making things work for you. Hope you remember to take your wrong bit back to the store so you can get a few fat quarters instead! ;)

  7. You should always do what works for YOU! There are no quilt police, no matter what you hear. (smile) All along, I've been worried about your fingers, but it looks like you are able to keep them out of the way of the needle, so that's working great!

    Now, sadly, time for bed again. I have enjoyed reading along for a bit more.