Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Gentleman, Start Your Engines!"

Men Quilt Too! logo

It's about a week until the deadline for entries to the Men Quilt Too! blog show hosted by Pigtales and Quilts, October 1 - 15... and I'll be entering my quilt and calling on everyone I know to vote! haha!

I don't expect my quilt to win, but it will be great to be featured alongside other quilters, many of whom I suspect have been quilting a lot longer and have far fancier quilts to enter into the competition!

I'll get a bio, well I think I get to write a post on my blog and put a link to it on the profiles page for people entering the show. So my tasks for the next 7 days include sewing the strips of fabric into one long strip of binding fabric... buying some more fabric tomorrow because there isn't quite enough... running it through the bias tape making device, sewing it all around the quilt, and writing my bio blog post!

I've been having a terrible day with technology battling against me (and winning most of the time)... as the sharp eyed amongst you might have noticed when this post got published comprising of a single letter 'c'... yep, I hit CTRL-C to copy it before publishing and promptly replaced everything I'd written by the letter c when the CTRL key failed to register... so I've just finished re-typing it and hopefully it'll work this time!

Oooh, but in better news, yesterday I got a nice pair of red cord trousers for half price in the Goodwill store, that's less than $5! I've wanted a pair of red trousers for only about 10 years!! ... they have a rather nice rocking chair for $25 too which is proving quite hard to resist... maybe if it's still there next time...


  1. Oooh I'd love a rocking chair... Got my fingers crossed for you that you manage to get your binding done and sewn on in time - cant wait to vote for you! lol

  2. Wooooo! Nearly there! I'll be voting for you!

    Pictures of the cord trousers please! You know how I love a bit of cord! hehe!

    I'm with Sarah on the rocking chair too.

  3. Good luck finishing off! My only experience w a bias maker resulted in much swearing and mangled fabric. Never seen it used for binding. Let me know how it goes. Can't wait to see and vote on the finished product!!

  4. ok, well 2 votes in favour of the rocking chair certainly make its acquisition look more likely! I'd like a rocking chair, so would Chelle, so I suspect would Maggie Cat!

    Looking forward to all your voting! (Laura, I voted on your quilt you entered recently - how did you get on?) ... at least I don't need to fear zero votes :)

    Sarah, maybe I'm still confused about what things are what in quilting! I thought binding was when you put strips of fabric around the raw edges of the quilt, and I thought bias tape was the name given to the long strip of fabric used for that purpose... I'm under the impression that I need a long strip of fabric which is folded in half and then the very edges are folded in, and that's what the tape machine helps you with... am I horribly mixed up about what I need to do to finish my quilt??? help!

    I read a couple of online tutorials and I think I'm doing things right, but maybe I'm calling things by the wrong names!!

  5. Bias tape is a tape made of strips of fabric cut on the bias, diagonally across the fabric. When your quilt is straight edges, no curves, you dont need it to be fabric cut on the bias, so we just refer to it as quilt binding. I think.... I'm no expert! I'm more than happy to help if there's anything I can tell you that I've already found out the hard way ;-) I just hope I dont end up giving you duff information! The bias tape maker makes bias tape or quilt binding. The bias maker will fold in left and right edges - for quilt binding, run the fabric thru the bias maker, then fold what comes out in half (with the raw edges on the inside)for quilt binding.

  6. that's good, thanks Sarah... I think I was basically understanding things the right way! I'm not cutting my strips on the bias so I should just call them binding strips, but I was intending to make them and apply them in the right way :)

  7. Now I'm anxious to skip ahead and see how it all worked out! But I'm going to be good and wait to read them all in order. =)