Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Loot

On the recommendation of Quilting Revolution we took a trip out east, to an Amish quilt store called Spring Lake Fabrics in Savannah, NY... I can't say I actually needed these fat quarters, but needed can be such a vague word can't it!

photo of half a dozen fat quarters and a 1 yard piece that might come in handy!

The ducks with the umbrellas will find a place in my in-progress Rainy Days quilt, either to replace or do half-and-half with the ducks fat quarter I got the other day. The tractors will probably form a quilt of some description for my 4 year old nephew who loves tractors. And the rest... well they seemed like they might be useful at some point in the future! :)

I also got a 1 yard piece of check fabric - I could see enough to tell there are different shades around the squares and I liked the effect... again, I've no idea what it'll be used for but at $4 / yd you can't really go wrong can you?!

On the way home we passed a sign advertising worms for $1.75 / lb... I mused that worms probably taste like chicken, so maybe you could make a very cheap "wriggly chicken stew"... but I don't think I'll be running any further with that idea... times ain't that hard yet ;)

Righty-ho, I better stop picking up more fabric and get a move on with my current projects!!


  1. For when the fabric addiction sets hold (cos it will ;-) )

  2. lol, Sarah you know what will be on the menu if you ever visit!

    BTW readers, I forgot, a couple of others of the fabrics that I got are destined for the rainy day quilt... the clouds will replace a less nice cloud fabric I have, and the rain one will get used too. I think I have all 8 of the fabrics I need for the quilt now :)

  3. Mmmmm worms! Wiggly all the way down! haha! Think I prefer mine in the ground or in tequila though.

    Good haul!

  4. You got a good lot of fabric there. I think you definitely cannot go wrong with a bit of check fabric. Helps me to cut and sew straight lines too! Rainy day quilt sounds good.
    Thank you for the comment you left. Your job sounds interesting - there is so much behiond the scenes work that you don't get to hear about at charity groups. I had heard of goodwill but didn't know much about it. I too am an ebay purchaser - I never like to buy new on the high street anymore except underwear!

  5. You can keep the worm/chicken dish, thanks. It does not sound at all appealing. But the fabrics definitely are! Spend the money you save not buying worms on more FQs! I came up with a motto for my quilt group. It isn't a matter of need, it's a matter of want. (smile)