Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a Stick Up!

Everything is stuck to the floor! the quilt top is masking taped to the floor, the batting is adhesive sprayed to stick it to the quilt top, and then sprayed again to stick it to the backing fabric... the spray fumes were rather intense and maybe we'll try a different method next time! I admit, I didn't do any of this assembly!!

Ok the pic will follow soon - I'm having technical difficulties of a screen reader kind! it won't let me insert images... in fact while I've been struggling I gather I've already got one comment... so I'll finish writing and worry about the photo later!

Here is the photo, better late than never!

So everything is stuck to the floor! I am actually pondering hand-sewing the edges, which I can definitely do in one day if I set my mind to it. I'm going to have a go with the sewing machine, but maybe on the quilting part... but we shall see!

I might give up on the hand-sewing idea if I get too infuriated with the clear nylon thread which isn't nice to hand sew with! (not when you need the tactile feelings from the thread that the super-slick nylon thread doesn't give)

This morning I've finished listening to my book (Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr) and sewed 3 squares of my next quilt (Rainy Days) while doing so!

this afternoon I fancy a bit of second-hand record shopping :)


  1. hehe After watching a friend do it, I decided spray basting is absolutely an outside thing. And that I didn't mind so much popping a show in and putting in my pins. . .

  2. Hope the layers stay stuck together when you unstick it from the floor! Good luck :-) Hope you get some good vinyl too!

  3. Like the backing! Hope you weren't too spaced out by the fumes!

    Did you get anything good in vinyl?

  4. There's another thing I don't do - use nylon thread! Cotton fabric, cotton batting and cotton thread all the way. =) Hate the nylon stuff, hate it! Quilting is supposed to show. Good, bad or indifferent, mine does.