Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not Very Grown Up

Today was supposed to be a day of sewing some 2.5 inch strips together to form a 2-yard strip, which in turn would be sewed as an extension to the owl backing fabric to make it as wide as the quilt top, ready for binding.

So I pinned the first 2 pieces of strip together and did a nice neat stitching job... pinned the next strip to it and... made a complete hash of joining them!

I somehow didn't have all my thread pulled through, and had a weird loop where I'd done something odd in the process! So I unpicked it... or rather struggled for about 15 minutes! It wasn't easy to get to the ending knot I'd done and not being able to see I didn't want to risk chopping up the fabric in the process!

Eventually I succeeded and re-stitched the strips together. And made an even worse hash of it!! Firstly there was a gap where I'd gone through one piece of fabric but not the other. Second there was a yucky wrinkle or bunching in the hem... so I knew I'd need to un-pick and re-sew again.

At the point where I couldn't get hold of the knot I gave up and threw the whole mess on the floor! So what if that's not very grown up! It made me feel better about it :)

photo of the long strip of fabric, in an ungainly heap on the floor!


  1. Sometimes you just have to walk away from something for a bit. Don't worry, it'll be fine in the end, just get someone else to unpick the piece and then when you're more calm you can have another go if Maggie cat hasn't run away with it as her new toy!

    Deep breaths!

  2. LOL I think we all do that from time to time, I had a strop last night when I slipped with the rotary cutter twice in a row, and I was coming to the last few inches of fabric - couldnt throw the cutter though so I just did a little stomp... Hope you can get it all unpicked, press it, and pretend the mistakes never happened ;-)

  3. We all need a temper tantrum from time to time. That is usually about the time I start slamming cupboard doors...very grown up huh?

  4. hehe, I knew you'd all empathise! Sarah, you're lucky you didn't chop off your fingers... I know I would have if I slipped with the rotary slice n dicer! ... Rhonda, if I open the cupboard door to slam it, you can bet your bottom dollar that the cat will be in there faster than I can get the door shut again!! ... I do intend to pick said stip of fabric up and get it attached to the backing today while the thunderstorms blow through! :)

  5. Yes, throw it on the floor, stomp on it, too. It always helps me!