Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello Kitty

So after yesterday's frustrations, this afternoon was a success! I finished stitching together the extension strips and joined them to my backing material, so now it should be as wide as the quilt top (though this remains to be tested!)

As you can see, Maggie cat was a great help!

Photo of me sat on the floor pinning a long fabric strip to the backing material, with Maggie cat sat on the backing fabric trying to help!

photo of Maggie cat sprawled out on the backing fabric!

In the photos you might be able to see the first long strip of extension fabric attached to the far side of the backing sheet.

I have to say I'm finding these strips of fabric fiddly! And these are 2.5" wide... the thought of making a quilt out of a jelly roll of 1.5 to 2" strips sounds horrendous!! I think I'll stick to squares and just use strips as borders! ( my next quilt has those - strips on 2 sides of the squares!)

Maggie cat is going to be a terror when it comes to taping and spraying the various layers, which is the next step!


  1. I have the same problem with the quiltdogs, but they are a tad more obedient than a cat would be. How do you get those shaded borders on your photos? It looks good!

  2. Oooh Giles, sewing one long skinny strip to summit much bigger can be a pain in the butt for me too! I did two on the machine last night and had to unpick and redo cos I'd stretched one just a teeny bit... DONT let them put you off jelly rolls though, its different sewing a strip to a strip, I am still sure you'd really enjoy yourself with one of those :-) (sewing with it I mean...) lol Good luck with the next step, feed maggie cat up first so she's too sleepy to jump between the layers!

  3. I think the borders on the photo come from the phone when it crops the picture. I hadn't realised that's what it was!

    Well I may try a jelly roll quilt one day... preferably when the cat is otherwise distracted!

  4. Just popped in. Good luck on your quilting adventures!

  5. The spray isn't good for you or Maggie, so make her sit in the bathtub or some place when you use it, and you should probably wear a mask if you're doing it indoors!