Monday, August 1, 2011

What's That green Thing?

image from the Meg and Mog book, Meg on the Moon. they are on the moon. Mog is saying 'what's that green thing?' and Meg says 'that's Earth!'

What's that green thing?
That's a rather nifty pin and needle holding thing I found in Expressions in Needleart in Canandaigua, on one of the finger Lakes close to Rochester.

a piece of green slightly rubbery material, held together by 2 magnets, onto which pins and needles can be held magnetically

I have to admit that I have lost 2 of the magnets that clamp the piece of green stuff together, and now i try and think about it I am a little puzzled - I thought the magnets were on the inside of the stuff so you could stick your pins to the whole outside surface... With the magnets on the outside you end up just sticking your pins to the magnets, in which case why not just buy a big magnet?! ... if i were designing it I'd have a thin metal rail running along the top of the outside of the fabric and then the magnets would go inside and the rails (one on each side) would hold it shut... but I'm just a simple seamstress...

A few weekends later and i found more gadgets! I got a nice soft thimble which will stop me punishing my finger pushing the needle through my quilting squares when the needle is too short to comfortably nestle against my right-hand 4th finger nail...

and a Hera marker, as recommended by Sarah (narcoleptic in a cupboard), which which makes seam edges nice and straight when you're sewing them together

oh yes, and, erm, a dozen more fabric squares... not fat quarters, just 6" inch squares, some with cats, some with patterns, all just 25 cents each... well, I'm sure they'll go nicely with something some day...

In actual quilting news, I now have 2 completed rows of my quilt. Three more to go and that'll be the lot, just needing to join the rows together, then add the backing and batting... the end is in sight ... or within reach as might be a more accurate phrase! ;)


  1. aww ta sweetie! It works a treat tho doesnt it :-) I find it so much better than ironing seams when piecing, in fact, I've found that ironing seams when you're piecing lots of wee bits actually makes things harder cos the heat of the iron can distort the shape of the fabric if you're not careful (and I find careful way too difficult!). Cant wait to see what you're up to, will we get a peak at the top when its done?!

  2. That green stuff looks like the non slip stuff you put under rugs to stop them wandering round the room...weird!

    Glad you're steaming ahead, can't wait to see it finished! Really excited for you!

  3. I just popped over to say hello and thank you for the lovely comment. I am intrigued to see the finished quilt. My mum is a quilter but I am too impatient and slapdash to do quilting! Wish I had some real biscuits to offer. :)

  4. That's an interesting needle thing. I'm with you - the magnets should be on the inside! They do have magnetized bowls which are great for pins, but needles, not so much. Did I mention I like pincushions? I have lots. (smile)