Friday, August 26, 2011

"Sticky Bears are Nine Pence"

Here's a quick survey! What do quilters prefer when it comes to sticking the different layers (quilt top, batting, backing) together ready for quilting? I think my batting may be fusable, so in which case should I combine with any tape or spray, and if it isn't which is cheapest and easiest, bias tape or a binding spray?

So, more concisely:
1) fusable batting alone
2) fusable batting with either bias tape or spray
3) bias tape alone
4) adhesive spray alone

Just lingering in the coffee shop before heading to work for my last 1 - 10pm Friday night shift! After this I'll be switching to a more conventional 8:30 to 5:30 shift... though that does mean I'll probably get less quilting done! ...

I've made a start on my second quilt, sewing borders onto 2 sides of my individual squares, and that's what makes up the blocks for the pattern. So far I did 3 squares on Monday, another 3 while listening to Quilter in the Gap's latest podcast (number 9! go check it out!... I get a mention!!) ... and I've got a half dozen more squares which I might be able to get done tonight!

... and because I know some sharp eyed reader is going to point it out when I post pics... yes, I know they're rectangles and not squares! (stop nit-picking or I'll start calling them oblongs, which is a much better word than rectangle if you ask me! ;) )


  1. Hmm, I'm not going to be much help here... again! I've not tried fusable batting. Do you have exactly enough or would you have a wee bit left over? If you can wangle a wee bit off the end to play with do a wee mugrug and test the battings adhesion. I would think though that if its fusable it shouldnt really need anything else! And who'd dare nit pick? Grrr... (Nah, dont think I can carry "threatening", not with a monkey face anyway ;-) )

  2. Haha! You pair crack me up! Trying to be threatening about quilting! hehe! :)

    I like the 'try it out first before you go too far on the main thing' idea. Otherwise go back to the shop and ask them or can you email anyone at your old quilting group since the new one hasn't started up again yet?

  3. The spray is the best-just half at a time, then
    smooth out. You can lift and smooth again, if
    you find a wrinkle! Make foster kid(shelter at my church) quilts quick this way.

  4. heh, now I'm thinking about a Gangsta Quilt competition! The most bing appliqued wins!

    Thanks for the sticky suggestions!

    By the way, the quote "sticky bears are nine pence" comes from Paddington! The Brown family take him to a posh shop (Selfridges or Fortnum & Mason possibly) and the doorman says that there's a charge for bears (or it might have been the taxi drive said it)... "bears are sixpence... sticky bears are nine pence!" ... Paddington has got marmalade from his sandwich all over his paws! ... as you can tell my memory of this particular story is a bit vague, but the important point is "sticky bears is nine pence", which I am most sure about :)

  5. I'm liking the gangster quilt competition!

    I did wonder where the sticky bear reference came from but forgot to ask, thanks for the explanation!

    Mmmmmm marmalade!

  6. Aaaah that's what it came from!! Cool. Love the bling quilt challenge, but a whole quilt of it... how about a bling mugrug?!

  7. Mugrugs, mugrugs...!!! I'm in love with mugrugs.
    I love basting spray but I have no idea what you mean by bias tape for sticking the layers together. Is this a new thing? I usually use masking tape to stick the backing to the ground, spray and put the next layers on and finish off by pinning.

  8. I love Paddington! I always read it to my students each year - and, of course, all the extended adventures to my sons. I have never used any sticky with my batting, but that's because I either a) hand quilt in a frame, or b) put it on the longarm. Either way, it didn't require spray, sticky batt or pins - which would have put me right off quilting.