Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Topsy Turvey

So, a little over 5 months after my first quilting class (an event most memorable for the horizontal direction of my stitching), my hand sewn quilt top is assembled!

It didn't really take me 5 months to get this far. the distraction of moving from Atlanta to Rochester, NY kept me out of quilting action for a couple of those months. I am very pleased to say that my stitching has improved over the course of doing this quilt top, and I now can sew two full rows together in about 15 minutes. Not too bad :)

So here it is, my very first quilt top.

I do have a name for the quilt (as all quilts must have) but I'm not going to reveal it until it's finished. From here it needs backing and stuffing, the real "quilting" stage... so keep watching for that process and the naming of the quilt!

In the meantime I'm going to start my next project, which is either going to be a quilted basket (I got the pattern from a website associated with Quilters World magazine, which I'm expecting a trial copy of), or a second quilt, a pattern from Quilter in the Rain in Seattle (also on blogspot)! ... or maybe both :)

today I go for an information session - 3 hours of learning what my kidney dialysis options are. I've just about got my head around the fact of needing dialysis soon, and am thinking positively that it'll give me extra time for quilting!! As long as I can do the "at home" option and keep working then I'll be ok.

In other news I had an ultrasound on my kidneys the other day, which showed them to be "as expected" (or "mostly ok" as the doc said)... but it did show "a mass" in my bladder, so I'm waiting for an appointment to go have that looked at with a camera and a biopsy taken if necessary... it may just be a natural thickening of the bladder wall (according to the kidney doc), but it's a bit of an apprehensive time until I get to see the urologist and find out what's really going on... wish me luck!!


  1. Hey Giles, sorry to hear your not so well, but very impressed with your "brightside" thinking! I do wish you best of luck :-)
    Your finished top is brilliant! Well done you :-) Sounds like you're pretty speedy at it too!

  2. Top's looking good! Glad you haven't been quilted out and are busy planning more quilting.

    Everything's solved with a cuppa you know ;)

  3. I will be praying all goes well on your upcoming appointment. I am impressed with your top especially knowing you did it all by hand. Well done !!!

  4. Browsed over for a visit from "Quilter in the Gap" blog. Noticed you posted you were in Upstate, NY. I too am in Rochester.:-) we are total neighbors! LOVE, love LOVE your first quilt top and am excited to follow your journey! Many warm thoughts with your dr appts. If you find yourself stuck at home through all of this, and need someone to "run to the fabric store" for you.....don't hesitate to ask. :-)

  5. 1st quilt well my dear Giles I am pretty impressed--- determination you are skilled with amazing what one can do when one puts love into it..

  6. Your first quilt top looks great! And I already know it finished beautifully. I'm still enjoying reading the process, though. I suppose by now the whole dialysis thing and kidney issues are resolved and "old hat", so I won't say much about that, except I'm anticipating positive things, and glad for it.