Sunday, August 21, 2011

How Long is a Piece of String?

I just had to do a second post to share this link with you! First let me update you with the results of today's shopping trip!

There was a HUGE storm at 1 o'clock, so we waited till the rain had ceased and the thunder had gone to growl at somebody else, and then we set off for Joanne's armed with a tasty 50% off coupon!

In the end I used the coupon to bring a $22 roll of cotton / poly batting down to $11, and then got some fabrics at the in-store discount of 30% off: 2 and a quarter yards of an owl fabric to back my quilt, and 2 fat quarters which have rainy images that will work a treat on my next quilt!

As I'm now at home musing about the fabric for the binding, I looked to see if there was a computer version of the Robert Kaufman quilting calculator phone app (available for Android and iPhone, as mentioned by Quilting Revolution's blog!)...

and yes, I found this website which not has all the same calculators (size conversions, piece calculations, borders, binding and batting etc), but it also has slightly better descriptions about what is being calculated, along with some example calculations, so it's much easier to understand!

I think I'll be using this link a lot!


  1. Oooh, you got your backing and batting! I'm really excited for you!! I'm impressed with your tactical discount application too ;-) Had a look at the link, and I've bookmarked it for future reference, very handy! Thanks :-)

  2. Thanks for link to the online quilt calculator! I wanted to stop by and say hi. I've seen you comment on several blogs I follow, and came to check out yours. I am so inspired by your journey to learn this wonderful craft of quilting in spite of any physical difficulties you have - good for you! This is a fabulous community of people and I'm always happy to see more men picking up the rotary cutter and building their stash, lol. Take care and I will definitely stop by again to see your progress, you're doing a great job so far Giles!
    Tanesha (CraftyGardenMom blog and podcast)

  3. Great calculator spot, thanks. I've actually been in that shop - I recognized the store front! There's another store with the same name in Clovis, CA, which is also wonderful. My best friend and I sometimes go south and sometimes go north from Woodland Hills, on road trips. (smile)