Sunday, August 7, 2011


It feels like the quilt is really taking shape now! All my squares are sewed into strips, each the width of the quilt, and I intended to start joining the rows together in the quiet Friday late night shift at work... except I left my bag of quilting goodies at home, so no quilting got done!

But I made up for it yesterday and finished attaching the last set of squares to complete the final row strip, and I got the first 2 rows joined together too!

I thought that deserved a photo, so here are the rows laid out... one row is missing since (a) I forgot about it, and (b) it wouldn't have fitted on the bed with leaving gaps between the un-joined rows... but this gives a good idea of the look of the final quilt!

photo of my first quilt taking shape! it is a series of rows ready to be joined together. Rawhide!

Oh, and what you don't see in the photo is that the bottom row has an extra group of squares so it's actually longer than the rest of the quilt... so that will get rectified ... that row is actually a bit mis-matched with a couple of blocks of the same fabric joined together, so that will get unpicked and re-ordered!

But all in all it's great to feel like the final quilt isn't far away now! ... row-ling row-ling row-ling, rawhide!

what do you think? Any tips for finishing it (borders, backing etc)?


  1. Yee-Haw!

    It looks fab! Really proud of the progress you've made! Looks like you could get a flat sheet to do the back with as it's about the same size as a sheet from the photo. Could pick one up in the charity shop quite cheaply, I got one for 99p before. You'll need to get some batting though to make it into a proper quilt, so you'll need to ask in the quilting/sewing shops near you for some.

    Keep those cattle rolling! Ahem, row-ling, rawhide! ;)

  2. Well done! Its going great :-) I'm very impressed. Mimi's right, look in your favourite haunts for bedding - flat sheets, duvet covers - its the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get a decent back. Get a good 100% cotton batting for the middle though, it'll be worth the cost I promise. You might want to think about trying basting spray to help sandwich the three together too. Loved the Rawhide lol

  3. I know you've already put it all together. I did use a sheet on the back once, of one I was hand quilting. I was a student at the time, and rather poor. It was something of a headache to quilt through, which I also found when I had a longarm business and that was what someone sent for a back. But you use what you have, and it works. That's the tradition of quilting.

    And now off to bed again. I'll read more next time!