Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stacked To The Stars

well here they are, the hearty hundred... one 6-inch squares of fabric, randomly paired up and stitched together. I think that's part 1 of my first quilt finished!

(* you're probably getting used to this by now, so it'll come as no surprise to hear I can't really see what's in the photo - it seems rather dark to me, so apologies if the stack of squares isn't very visible!)

I certainly got faster, neater and made less mistakes as I worked through them :) and by the end I was getting half a dozen done in a pleasant hour of listening to my book.

I think on Monday the next stage will be to arrange them as looks best for the final quilt, and then I'm guessing they'll be pinned into some kind of bigger groups, and then more stitching will begin!

I'm definitely looking forward to getting a sense of what the final quilt will look like! So far I've known I like the fabrics, but it's hard to picture what they'll all look like in a patchwork!

I have pondering too how 100 squares will be assembled... it could be 12 x 8 (6 foot x 4 foot) or 10 x 10 (5 foot square)... they sound the most plausible scenarios, though there are a few others, including doing a couple more squares to give 12 x 9 for a good 6 foot by 5.5 foot for example... watch this space!


  1. I can't believe how much you've posted about your quilting. It is so fun to read!

  2. You did those really fast, I think, for hand piecing, which I have often done. As I read your posts, I see more and more that there are way more things that unite you with other quilters than there are that separate you. A lot of my friends listen to books on tape as they stitch!