Friday, February 4, 2011

Equipment 1

OK, so I began my accumulation (as it inevitably will be!) of sewing equipment today with my own pin cushion! I got it at Walmart for $2 and think it's great! It's a red tomato with a little strawberry attached to it, presumably for some purpose which I haven't worked out yet (very small pins?)... here's a photo, though please excuse me if it's blurry or chopped off anywhere - it's tricky taking photos when you can't really see what you're trying to photograph, and I'm no expert at photography, blind or otherwise!

new bright red pin cushion, looking like a tomato with a strawberry attached!

My main mission at the moment is a drop-leaf table, even better if it's a hip-height one (which would be good for making felt on, one of my other missions this year)... but so far I'm only finding ones which are made of "good wood" (cherry, mahogany) and not cheap materials like formica, so they're very expensive! The drop-leaf ones I do see are also designed for sitting at and are therefore a bit low... gosh I'm picky aren't I! I have seen some proper craft tables which I'd love with their multitude of draws and acres of surface space... but they're also $200-300 and much too big for the space we've got available! (hence the drop-leaf requirement for storage when not in use)... I'm thinking a small adjustable height table might do as a compromise... would love to hear any recommendations if anyone has found the ideal little craft table!

I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for a cheap sewing machine. It doesn't have to do anything too fancy and it doesn't have to bee a brand new one - I'm happy with a good worrking oldie if that's all I need, though obviously the $80 new ones at Walmart come with a guarantee which is always a nice bit of reassurance... again, recommendations welcome! All I know is I want a table top one, not a hand held one.


  1. I've got a pin cushion like that one! I think probably everyone does, and no I'm not sure what the little dangle-y one is for, unless it's for sharpening the pin end as mine seems to be full of sand or something similar? Answers on a post card please! hehe!

    Do you have an Ikea near where you are? I got my sewing table from them, it's not drop down but you can choose the legs and they do adjustable legs so you can tilt the top or make it higher or lower on all four legs.

    Good luck on the sewing machine front!

  2. You probably know by now, but the strawberry is emery, and you poke your needles in and out of it to sharpen them.

    I look forward to seeing what you did about a table and a sewing machine!