Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Quilting Manly

It's not the usual combination, rugby and quilting, but there aren't any rules that say you can't do your quilting whilst watching Wales beating Scotland in the 6 Nations rugby! (you can watch it on the Beeb in the UK, and on BBC America here in the US... in 2 weeks it's England v France I believe)

It was great to hear the crowd singing the traditional Welsh rugby songs; the Welsh fans are always in good voice! And great to see Wales winning again, even if the game was a bit scrappy at times.

And, to boot, I got through stitching 5 more squares, then I ran out of paired-up squares so had to stop!

I think it should be a new rule in rugby that when a player gets sent to the sin bin for 10 minutes he should have to complete a minimum of 2 quilting squares to calm down and re-focus; this would work in ice hocky and American football too!

Remember, if you need to feel more matcho when quilting, just mix it with a healthy dose of contact sports... it really works!

Edit:In other news, I need to stop sticking pins and needles in my jumper or dressing gown (if I'm having a lazy day)... at best I just lose them, at worst I either stab myself trying to find them again, or I pull the needle out the wrong side and end up stitching it into the clothing, necessitating scissors to get it out! I think this is clearly one to add to the bad habits list!


  1. That's hysterical! I love your sin bin idea!

    Glad you got to finish so many squares.

  2. When I first started sewing I sewed my shirt to the cross stitch I was working on.

  3. Love the rugby and quilting combination, I'll have to suggest it to my husband! Oh and I can relate to misplaced pins, though I've yet to sew the needle into my clothes :-)

  4. @ electricbutterfly and flowerpress where I get all sewed up is when I try to pull the needle back through the place in my clothing it went through, neatly stitching it in place! I should just cut of the knot in the first place!!

    @ flowerpress I see on your profile you do screen printing and textiles... I may pick your brains on that one day! :)

  5. You do make me laugh. I can just picture those rugby players with their so-dainty grass stained fingers stitching for the health benefits. LOL