Monday, February 7, 2011

Quilting Class, Week 3: Fairy Steps

Class was quieter than previous weeks, with several people missing. That meant I got to talk quite a lot, especially about my trip to In Town Quilters and my owl fabric! That shop is a big favourite among the others, and I learned that there is a sale department downstairs!... a repeat visit is definitely in order to plunder the big discount fabrics! hehe.

I earned much praise for my improved stitching. This is no surprise really given how chronically wonky my first week attempts were, though I am rather pleased with how I seem to be getting on. I'm getting through my squares quickly and neatly. The main advice today is to try and make my stitches smaller, which I spent the rest of the class time trying to do. Here's a photo of one of my squares... I hope the stitching is visible... I'll be continuing to strive for even smaller stitches over the coming week, like little fairy steps tiptoing along the edge of the cloth.

Apologies if the photo is bad - I can' even see the difference between the fabric and the background paper, so I'll have to "use the force" on this photograph! (i.e. guess!)

In non-sewing news I got a new umbrella in anticipation of a whole day of rain which never really arrived! The umbrella is nice though, red with white squares and circles on it. The only rain I encountered though was the 30 deconds it took to get from the bus stop to the front door! Hopefully I can keep hold of this umbrella a little longer than the time it usually takes for me to leave it on the bus or train!


  1. I'm impressed, your hand stitching is neater than mine! I was wondering what 'fairy steps' was going to be about...I thought you'd gone all girly and found a fairy patterned fabric!

    Ah, sale and remnant sections/bins...bliss!

  2. Your stitching looks great, particularly for only Class 3! The good thing about umbrellas is there's always another day of rain sometime!