Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gee up!

I waas doing some background reading about book publishing and small preses ... and I came across a fascinating blog article about binding your own books ... seriously high quality saddle stitched books like you'd get in a bookstore ... I was amazed that it is definitely do-able in the comfort of your own home! ... I'm not planning this for my booklet this time, but I definitely might give this a go one day ... for the craft-minded (that's everyone reading this blog!) it sounds like a lot of fun and a fantastic sense of accomplishment!

If you fancy a read the article is here:

Tomorrow is my mobility lesson ... a repeat of the last 2 weeks going into Abergavenny on the bus ... except this week we're going as far as the wool shop :)

As for my booklet ... I've been very productive and the Kindle version is finished all bar the cover (which needs a photo) and any added extras that might make the booklet easier to navigate or more appealing to potential purchasers ... the hard copy version is almost sorted too which just leaves the research into getting it printed ... i'll post more when I've got the cover sorted!

This all takes me back to the fun of co-fouding my own real glossy music magazine, almost 7 years ago now ... my how the publishing world has changed since then ... but how wonderful it felt to be on real store shelves, in places like Borders and those truly independent music stores ... there's a lot to be said for being indie :)


  1. So what was your magazine?! Spill! Not that I'd have seen it... not exactly the *widest* selection up here... Sounds exciting though :-)

  2. Glad to hear from you Giles, my you have been busy, so come on what is your book called.. is it poetry... a novel... or what? I don't have a kindle so guess I'll have to wait to get the printed version.
    Lorraine. Monkey business & quilts.

  3. I've seen a variety of book binding methods over the years and keep meaning to try it. Maybe you can give it a go and give us a demo... Good luck with launching the epistle!

  4. You've really been progressing while I've been out of contact!