Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Talking |Tuesdays

For my UK and European friends, plus anybody Stateside who wants to chat earlier than the usual 9pm ET time, tonight is the first early session for Talking Tuesdays! This is a Twitter chat about all things quilting and sewing ... there is a fast-paced chat with many folk, some of whom you'll know from Blog land! There are giveaway prizes if you sign in on the blog to say you're chatting ... here's the link for that: http://talkintuesdays.blogspot.com ... the chat is then on Twitter, to post you just inclue the tag #talknt2 in your tweet ... to follow the chat it's probably easiest to use the website that shows all tweets that have that tag ... I'll edit this post later when I find that website! (I use a talking twitter program so don't use the website!) ... hope to see you there ... don't forget 6pm UK time! :)


  1. It'd be tweetchat.com I think? I'll see if I'm awake and stop by :-)