Friday, July 27, 2012

before I win the Euro Millions ...

edit: it has been brought to my attention that I managed to write this without paragraphs! I'm going to edit it now to make it more readable! Thanks Sarah for spotting that!

I was looking forward to writing a blog post later this evening to let you know that I was 1 of the 100 lucky winners in the lottery, which is guaranteeing 100 millionaires tonight to celebrate the start of the Olypics.

I selected my numbers and went online to create an account, because being me I forgot to buy a ticket earlier in the week ... at which point I got to read the informative message that web services were temporarily unavailable ... though they did appologise for any inconvenience caused ... It's my million pounds that are feeling inconvenienced! Oh well, better luck next time! :p

Meanwhile I have some exciting news ... after long deliberations (I'm talking years here, how's that for procrastination?!) I have decided to put pen to paper ... well not exactly, the pen was put to paper over those several years, I have just taken this long to decide what to do with the output!

My fabulous friend Magpie Mimi, in addition to her Etsy store (which you ALL need to go visit!) is trying out a store on Big ... it has a useful free account which can be used to guage interest and usefulness of their web services, and I too am going to set up shop, so-to-speak.

I am going to do my own booklet of writing which I'll produce as a photocoppied 40-page booklet, which will keep prices (and costs) down to a minimum ... I'm aiming for no more than 4 pounds cover price, ... though obviously if I can sell a cool 250,000 copies then I won't be far short of those folks who come out on top in tonight's lottery!

More realistically, I'll be hand-numbering the first 100 copies (no mean feat when you can't see what you're writing!)

I am also having great fun preparing a Kindle version ... that'll be a little cheaper, though I haven't decided whether I'll pitch it at the 3 pound mark where I can get a bigger cut of the sale price than Amazon (who take a whopping 65 percent if you charge less than 3 pounds!) ... I do realise that pitching it at the 99p price point is where you're more likely to get people to part with money for a copy though!

Anyhow, enough rambling about the economics ... I'm having fun pulling it all together ... let's face it, it's good to be doing something while I wait for those transplants! I'll post again before publication and let you know how things are looking, along with some snippets to tempt you into buying a copy or simply telling everybody you know, and have ever known, so that I can hit that quarter of a million sales target :)

if anybody has a photo they've always felt is crying out to be the cover photo on a book, drop me a message and tell me what it is ... if it fits in with my writing I could use a good photo! The one I had in mind to use seems to have been exactly that ... a figment of my mind! ... I am sure I remember taking it in St George's Park in Bristol, but I haven't the foggiest where it is now! (the photo, not the park!)

PS I have started using a text editing program that has sound effects like an old typewriter so I am really getting into the writing mood :)

Watch this space, as they say!


  1. Okay, I'd be up for a bit of reading. But Giles, do remember you can start a new paragraph from time to time :-P lol

  2. Text editor with typewriter sound effects, excellent lol

    PS, was going to mention the paragraphs before, but I thought it was a bit mean to say to the blind guy that his stuff was hard to read ;o)

  3. So happy to know you are writing. It helps pass the time and keeps the brain sharp. Please
    Let me know when your done and we will post about it, to help increase sells. You can count on me for a copy! P.sS. I don't use paragraphs most of the time. I am just glad your blogging. They all should be grateful. Welcome!

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