Sunday, August 19, 2012

have Your Say!

I have a couple of questions that I'd love your opinions on .... feel free to respond to any or all ... :)

To set the scene .... if you've followed Touch And Sew for a while you have probably noticed that I enjoy writing! It's basically been "what I do" for most of my working life .... I've written long boring plans and studies for local and national government transport departments; those of you who've known me even longer than my blog may remember that I co-founded and was contributing editor for a music magazine called Splinter .... a gorgeous glossy affair that made it into many independent record stores and even local Borders branches; following that I did music reviews for Atlanta music Guide .... and on top of that I just plain enjoy writing my own poetry and prose!

So I was thinking how I can build up some useful writing examples to help me hopefully get employed in a writing / editing role next year after all my transplant cutting and pasting processes are done and I'm back on my feet! ... and since I read a lot too I am thinking a book review blog would be pretty perfect!

So, questions:

  1. What do you think of that idea?
  2. Based on other blogs that might do this, what do you think of things like the Amazon adverts that people can click on to buy the books you review? .... Do they annoy, do you just ignore them, or do you even click on them sometimes?
  3. if you are also an avid reader, would you like to contribute reviews of books you've read (your choice of what you read and/or review!) .... anything from short snapshot reviews (100 to 200 words) up to more substantial reviews (500 words or so) .... and by answering this it's no commitment to contributing .... feel free to opt in or out based on how many people eventually follow the blog!

That's it, those are the questions I'd love your thoughts on! .... Just to add I'm thinking I'll be reviewing all kinds of books, from modern fiction to classics, books on crafts and quilting through to science and poetry .... I have a vary varied consumption of the written word and that variety will be reflected in the reviews! ... that's also why I'd really love it if anybody wants to write reviews too .... that's far better than listening to me all the time ;)

Finally, feel free to comment any other thoughts or ideas that spring to your mind .... however warped and twisted (your ideas i mean .... I *know* your minds are very warped and twisted!)

Thanks! ... Giles


  1. Cheeky!

    I like the idea, I'd contribute and I do sometimes click links but as I mostly read blogs in my reader I don't see any annoying adverts or nice adverts until I get to the blog to comment.

    Go for it!

  2. 1. Sounds like a plan. Do you read many book review blogs now?

    2. I don't mind, I have the amazon widget on my own blog

    3. I love reading, but seriously, if I add one more spinning plate (having added one myself already tonight) my world might come crashing down lol Well, my social life might ;o)

  3. 1. Sounds like a good idea! 2. Err...Amazon adverts on blogs? Not noticed them - think I must be an ad exec's worst nightmare ;o) 3. Avid reader? Yes! Write reviews? Not for me, I struggle to concentrate enough to reply to emails...Good luck with it all though!

  4. Sounds like a good idea. I love to write too, but I always struggle with what to write about!! I couldnt do book reviews - books are fast becoming something I just cant do any more.
    I havent honestly clicked on the amazon thingy or other blog adverts before. I dont mind them being there though, especially the Amazon one as its usually quite content appropriate if you see what I mean!

  5. I don't mind the Amazon advertisements at all, and have clicked on it from time to time.
    I am an avid reader, and would consider writing reviews once in awhile. I do now, occasionally, on goodreads.

  6. I think its a great idea. I am alwayw looking for suggestions for books to read. I find the amazon widget useful. Dont think i would want to write a review tho

  7. It's a very good idea. I buy many books from the recommendations of friends! Yes, put up the Amazon links! Make it easy on us. =) I might write a review ... maybe if I read anything that's popular literature.