Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turn Up For The Books

Here's a quick question for you experts :) ... It's something I've wondered for years, and now it's relevant to something I need to do...

Turn ups on trousers. When you buy trousers with turn ups, the fabric is "right side" facing out. If you just turned up the ends of your own trousers, it'd be the "wrong side" facing out.

How do you get it like a ready made pair, with the turn ups looking like you haven't just rolled the ends of your trousers up?

I want to shorten a pair which I bought, and would like to know how to make proper turn ups on them!

Any suggestions? All help greatly appreciated :)


  1. Ok, theis probably isn't the right way, but it's the way I'd go about it. Unpick the turn up and the hem. Measure the length you want them to be and mark it with chalk or a pin. Then measure how big you want the turn up and double it and then measure a small seam . at the end of the small seam cut off the excess. Sew the small seam so you've not got any raw edges and then fold up the turn up and stitch in place and hopefully you can repeat it on the other leg! Again this probably isn't the correct way but at least it's something!

  2. I know the measure & fold - mark the length you want your trousers, add on 2 x the height of the turn up, and whatever seam allowance you choose. Fold 1 x height of turn up plus the added seam allowance inside the leg and then fold up the turn up on the outside. Then ask mimi how to sew it all in place! lol

  3. Did that confuse you? It did me! I would just take a deep enough hem that I could turn it up where I wanted it. Essentially, if you wanted them an inch shorter, unpick the hem and move it up an inch, then turn the cuff up again. But really what I'd do? Take it to the dry cleaners who has alteration services. They usually charge about $10 - or did in Arizona when we had pants shortened for my husband about 3 years ago.