Saturday, July 16, 2011

Putting the Pieces Together

OK, I admit I haven't actually tried the machine yet, but I am pleased to say that the LCD display isn't a barrier for those of us with less sight than most... in the words of a classic song "it goes bip when it moves and bop when it stops and whirrrrrrr when it stands still"... well sort of, it makes whirring sounds each time you press the stitch select buttons as it cycles through the stitch patterns, and the buttons also make a clicking sound, so it should be possible to keep track of which settings I am choosing :)

For the last 3 days I've been working till 10pm... not a whole barrel of laughs that, but it does give me some time to do a bit of quilting when the phones are quiet! I got through a few of my 4-square blocks, so just a couple more to go and then I can pick up sewing the 4s into long strips.

Mum and dad have been visiting from Ye Olde Worlld United Kingdome, and left to return there yesterday. It was great to have them here and go fabric shopping with mum! (and even dad got a piece of fabric, a large panel with the red Canadian maple leaf on it!)...

We called in to the Blue Boutique, the "high end" Goodwill store that has designer and better quality clothing... Dad again was the only one to buy anything! (is he a secret shopaholic??!!)... I saw this quilt-style jacket and I think I might try something like it, longer-term as I get more proficient both at quilting and with the machine... I'll be picking your expert brains when I get to that point I'm sure! Here's a photo of the jacket though, just to whet your appetite (this one is made by Brooks Brothers)


  1. Lovely to hear that you're still working on the hand quilting :-) my machine makes all those wee noises too, I'd never thought before that that could be a good thing! lol

  2. Wow. That's some jacket. If you made one I'd be seriously impressed. Although you may have trouble matching trousers and shirt to go with it... ;)

    Sewing in work time? tut tut! hehe! ;)

  3. I meant to ask how you are liking your machine, now that some months have gone by. I have a friend who swears by her Brother, but I don't know which one she has. I think as long as you have one of the half dozen "name" machines, you are probably going to be fine.

    Brooks Brothers - that brings back memories! My father-in-law bought all his suits there in New York! Very classic jacket.