Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ps and Qs

So on Saturday evening we went to Boulderfest, a free music festival in the car park of Boulder Coffee, just across the road from where I work. It was lovely and hot, I had a rather tasty bottle of Brooklyn Ale, and we heard the band Nevergreen, who were very good :)

Boulder Coffee is also just down the road from one of the Goodwill stores (also part of the organization for which I work), and I just happened to have my birthday voucher to use up!

So between bands seemed like a great time to pop into the Goodwill store. I got a rather nice pair of Van Heusen blue jeans in my exact size, and they're a really comfortable fit... I don't know how they've done the waist but it seems to hug without being tight, and there's plenty of room for those extra couple of lb that I'm sure I'll put on! :p

And so to the P of this post's title... a picnic basket!

photo of a wicker picnic basket, lid closed

And what do you think is going to go in it? Why, the quilting Qs of course!

photo of wicker picnic basket with fabric fat quarters inside

Well, it's perfect for all those fat quarters (another Q) which I got the other day!

Oh yes, the jeans were a bargain $6, the picnic basket $5, and I rounded it all off with a pretty Japanese teacup with yellow roses on it, in which I now intend to have a tasty cup of tea. Cheers!


  1. That picnic hamper is perfect for the job! And such bargains... great find :-)

  2. Make sure Yogi bear isn't around to nick your picnic basket!

    Photo of the teacup please!

    I like how organised you're getting, it's best to start early before it's too much to sort through!

  3. What a great basket for your fabrics! Have you out-grown it yet? (smile) You really are organized. That teacup sounds exactly like what I've been looking for - not for tea, but to make a pincushion! I haven't found one yet. Well, I found a darling set of 4 tiny cups, but they look so cute on the shelf, I can't bear to make them into pincushions! I like your job if you can wear jeans to work! There's nothing more comfortable than jeans, I think, and I wear them a lot.