Monday, March 28, 2011

I've Been Stripping

You may have noticed, I've been a bad boy. I haven't really done any quilting for about 3 weeks, let alone blogged about it! I have made Monday quilting group with the exception of last week, but I have a good excuse!

Things have been hectic as I'm preparing to move 1,000 miles north to the cold snowy world of New York state! We start the journey on Wednesday so I was glad to make it to group today and say goodbye to all my quilting buddies I've met over the last couple of months!

In a nutshell I started sewing individual squares together to form "twosies", then I sewed pairs of those together to form "foursies"... now I'm on joining a few of those foursies together in a long strip... that's right, now I'm stripping!

I've got a couple of minor repairs to make to previous squares where my stitching missed a bit and left a gap in the stitching, but hopefully after the move I'll get on to that and press on with the stripping... photos to follow ;)

1 comment:

  1. And here I was imagining you in balmy Atlanta - not that far away! Instead, you're freezing to death in New York!