Sunday, November 16, 2014

Long-overdue update!

Sorry for the lengthy lack of an update, though since my kidney transplant

I'm afraid I haven't done any quilting! I still have a Rainy Days theme quilt to finish so maybe I'll give that another go :)<\P> Some of you may know from Twitter and possibly Facebook posts that I've been been going through the mill a bit lately ...First week of July I fell down the stairs and the next thing I'm aware of it was September! I was in hospital and eventually diagnosed with a cancer related to my transplant (I think that sentence is only the second time I've used the C word lol ... I just feel in better health if I don't) ... anyway I've had 2 doses of chemotherapy and am now waiting for an MRI scan to see how the treatment is going. I think they expect to do another dose (possibly more) but you never know, the MRI may show things looking ok. Apart from feeling a bit exhausted at times I am feeling well though maybe a little at a loss as to what the future holds!<\P>

In some sad news, I had to say goodbye to my cat Bix last week. He was nearly 19 so lived a good long life, but he needed an anaesthetic to have a cyst removed, and he didn't recover from it well ... he came home but 2 days later we took him back to the vets and she didn't like the look of how he was. They kept him overnight but he died peacefully. I'll miss him greatly. There are a few photos on the pages of this blog so I won't struggle with getting Blogger to let me upload a new one!<\P>

So, sorry for only having miserable news to report at the moment, but hopefully things will be looking up by Christmas :) ... speeking for myself I could really fancy a short holiday somewhere soon :)<\P>


  1. So glad to have an update, Giles. Sorry to hear that life has not been going as kindly as it might, but hang on in there! and get that sewing machine out again when you feel up to it!
    Regards! xx

  2. Oh no! It is so good to hear from you again, but so sad to hear your news. Are you still with mum and dad? I am!!! Its *the* thing to do you know ;-)
    You are right to look to Bix's age, thats a great innings for a cat, she was obviously well loved and cared for. The C word is the worst. Big hug x

  3. Hi Giles, what a time you have been having, I am so sorry to read of all your trials & tribulations and the loss of your lovely friend Bix. I have popped in from time o time to see if there was anything to report. I do hope all goes well for you in the coming weeks and months. Take care of yourself and I hope we can catch up real soon. My regards to your parents.
    AKA Monkey Business & Quilts.

  4. My, going through the mill is rather an understatement. I read the sad news about Bix on Twitter and I know the hole they can leave in your heart. My neighbour's now departed cat would often choose to forget where he lived and visit us. Though several months have passed it still seems odd not to see him waiting outside our door.

  5. Hi Giles! I'm glad you were able to do an update as I've been thinking of you. So sorry to hear about your new health issues and the loss of your dear Bix. I thought you might like to know that I passed your sewing machine on to one of my nieces who wanted to start doing some sewing projects. According to my sister the machine is getting a lot of use so thanks for passing the machine on to me. I hope you feel better soon and please give my regards to your parents.


  6. Sorry to hear about Bix and the 'C' word, but I hope that you don't have to have more chemo and that things have improved, also that you haven't swan dived down any more stairs since this post (sorry, I'm behind on my blog reading due to the NB I had at work a couple of weeks ago)

  7. Blimey, what an awful few months you've had. I hope that 2015 is an altogether better year for you.

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