Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reading, Writing and Resolutions

Brace yourselves! This is the first of what may be TWO posts today! That's not a resolution, just a threat, or maybe a promise ... well, at least it's the plan!

Let's start by saying Happy New Year! Right, that's that checked off ... we all know 2012 is going to be pretty much the same as every other year, give or take random things! And of course the End of the World is going to be on December 12th, so get all those WIPs finished by then! ... and I don't want to hear any arguments about starting the Christmas cake early this year, because if the world is ending I want to know how the cake turned out!

So how did you spend New Year's Eve? Wild parties? I spent pretty much all day wandering in an online fashion around the Fat Quarter Shop! I was selecting my choices for Laura from Quokka Quilts's and Fat Quarter Shop competition where you can make your own "Blogger's Bundle," a selection of 12 patterns and 3 solid colours ... that's the only rule (as far as I'm aware!) ... so that's what I did all day, and when I finish one last bit of tinkering with my selections I'll post the result in my much-hyped, eagerly-anticipated SECOND post of the day! ... oh yes, and I had a nice relaxing soak in the bath to wash away 2011 in a cloud of bubbles

And now to keep up a tradition I started on Live Journal, here's my reading list for the last year. In 2010 I managed to average a book a week, but this year since starting work that rate has decreased a little, but I came close! It's an even odder mix than past years, the usual romantic series novels by Catherine Anderson and Robyn Carr, plus a few random others, and then a good dollop of scientific and technology type books,and Winnie the Pooh because I'd never read them before! Not too much intellectual fare really, but hey, it was a busy year what with the new job, moving and learning quilting!

Talking of which, the book list follows in a moment, but HOT NEWS! I just signed up for an online freee quilt class, where you can learn 2 different blocks every month, co covering all the basics, with videa instruction and a tutor you can ask questions if you get stuck. Sounds good! So that's my resolution, to try and keep up with that (and the other dozen projects and quilt-alongs I've put on my To Do list for the year!)

So that's it until later just the reading list ...

Books of 2011:
Temptation Ridge (Virgin River series book 6) (by Robyn Carr)
Nickel Mountain, A Pastoral Tale (by John Gardner)
32 Cadilacs (by Joe Gore)
The Tender Years, vol 1 (by Janette Oke)
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake (by Aimee Bender)
Cat's Cradle (by Kurt Vonnegut)
Paradise Valley (Virgin River series, book 7) (by Robyn Carr)
Death's Excellent Adventure (short stories) (by Charlane Harris)
The Universe and the Teacup (by K. C. Cole)
Killing Time (by Linda Howard)
A Searching Heart, A Prarie Legacy vol.2 (by Janette Oke)
Wellspring (by Janice Holt Giles)
Angel's Peak (Virgin River series book 10) (by Robyn Carr)
Super Sad True Love Story (by Gary Shteyngart)
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (by Douglas Adams)
Lost Genius- The Curious and Tragic Story of an Extraordinary Musical Prodigy (by Kevin Bazzana)
Phantom Waltz (Coulter series book 2) (by Catherine Anderson)
Sweet Nothings (Coulter series book 3) (by Catherine Anderson)
Simply Love (by Catherine Anderson)
So Enchanting (by Connie Broadway)
Rush to the Altar (by Jane Feather)
Contract null and void (by Joe Gors)
the Complete Stories of Winnie The Pooh (by A. A. Milne)
The House of Gucci- A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed (by Sara Gay Forden)
Lullaby of Birdland (by George Shearing)
House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival (by Deborah Ball)
Moonlight Road (Virgin River series book 11) (by Robyn Carr)
Promise Canyon (Virgin River series book 12) (by Robyn Carr)
Neuromancer (by William Gibson)
Count Zero (by William Gibson)
A Beautiful Mind (by Sylvia Nasar)
Googled. The End of the World as we Know it. (by Ken Auletta, )
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse series) (by Charlane Harris)
Here To Stay (Harrigan Family series) (by Catherine Anderson)
Wild Man Creek (Virgin River Series book 13) (by Robyn Carr)
Supercrunchers- Why Thinking-by-Numbers Is the New Way to Be Smart (by Ian Ayres)
The Art of Intrusion- The Real Stories behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders, and Deceivers-(by Kevin Mitnick)
The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics- A Math-Free Exploration of the Science That Made Our World (by James Kakalios)
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs


  1. Woooo! I've read a few of those this year too! Have no idea how many books I've read this year though...maybe I should keep track, but I have read a book I had for Christmas and am working my way through two more and have another on the go from before Christmas.

    Can't wait for your next post! hehe! x

  2. Impressively long booklist! Also impressed with your online quilt course, thats a really good plan! Cant wait for your next post...

  3. I think you've certainly got through more books than me this year (although I haven't counted, and I did manage 11 in my 2 weeks on holiday!) Good luck with your goals, looking forward to seeing this bundle (still haven't finished mine - argh!) and the amazing quilt that will no doubt emanate from your class :oD

  4. Tell me about that online quilt class. I was going to sign up just to see what it was about - if it is the same one. Now that you might be taking it. I might really do it because you are. I would love to do it "with" you!

  5. Love your reading list - there are lots I haven't read so I'll be having a closer look once I've worked my way through my library and Christmas books!

  6. My creative blogs are on LJ. Is yours still up? I love LJ! Bubble bath was a great way to end 2012. I should have thought of that myself.