Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wonkiest Straight Line in the World

So on Monday I turned up at Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI)for the first quilting class. This class has been running for 3 years and some of the people have attended all that time so are rather proficient to say the least! Others like me are more new to it. I'd estimate a dozen people turned up, each gaily entering with a "hello ladies!"... to which the organizer would add "we've got a new member. A man!"... I'm getting used to being the token man already! I don't care, I've always enjoyed sewing, even if it is maybe 25 years since I last did much!

Back in high school I made a great spider, tie-dying the material and sewing and stuffing and adding eyes and sewing on legs. I also made a sleeveless t-shirt with a trebble clef on it (screen printed), so I was quite a creative school kid! Years later when I wanted a small pouch to keep some runes in, I thought nothing of cutting out some nice corduroy material, sewing it up and adding an elastic draw string. Photos of the spider coming soon hopefully!

This week we all pitched in with a communal quilt making effort, sewing up squares which would then form a quilt to be auctioned at the CVI annual fund raiser. It took most people about 20 minutes to sew up three rows of squares. In an hour I did one, creating the wonkiest straight line in the world. I hope the supervisor has unpicked it and re-done it, since I'd hate to lower the excellent quality of the other quilters! If I had a camera I'd have taken a photo for posterity (for those who can see them).

This weekend I aim to practice some straight line stitching on a scrap of fabric, or a duster if I can't find any scraps. I'm sure I'll get the hang of this feel then stitch process, rather rather trying to rely on my eyes, which can't see something the size of a bus, let alone a tiny stitch!

Next week I'm going to get to start on my own quilt, first task selecting the colours of fabric I want to use. I'm thinking of blues and beiges, but we'll see what's in the box! Any suggestions?


  1. I've long awaited pictures of said spider! You better find one soon!

  2. Hi, Giles - I encountered you at Lee's WIP party for this week. You're inspiring! I had a scare a couple months ago about my sight deteriorating, and all I could think was "How will I finish all my UFO's???" I ran across a video on YouTube about a completely blind quilter, and now here you are, too, quilting with minimal vision. How cool that they even have quilting class for the visually impaired. It seems now that I probably don't need to fret, but I'm adding you to my blogroll because 1) maybe the hope is only temporary and I'll want to ask questions later on; 2) I just plain admire your gumption!

  3. I love your descriptions. You know sighted people have trouble with straight seams, too! You'd be amazed at some of the things I've seen. It's a process, though, and having seen your finished 2011 quilt, I can see you've come a far piece down that process road!